Why Easy Is Not Always Better

Easy Man Not Always Be the Best
Easy Man Not Always Be the Best

I wants was quite disappointed with no one that I had to work hard and lawn in order to achieve my dreams. I wanted it to be so easy, because I just want to relax and I do anything. However, if it was so easy, then every person would be a millionaire and we would all be in the same position that we are right now. If it is so easy, then all of us will be millionaires and $1 million and I mean anything and we will all be forced to work because the prices of bread will be $500,000. Being a millionaire would not mean anything and we would all end up in the same position that we are in right now at the same status quo. Therefore, there is no reason for anything to be easy, because if anything is easy, then everyone will do it, and then everyone will be at the same position. There will be nothing gained, and we would all strive to look for the next thing that is easy. Therefore, some things may need to be hard in order to separate people who can get it from those who will not get it. I’m still learning a little bit about philosophy is like this; however, I do know that many things that I want to achieve in life have actually required work in an effort to obtain. Many things that I earned did not come easy, and I choose to make sure that I can keep the process going, so that I want and can enjoy.

Hello world!

Welcome to my first post guys! My name is Sweet Tooth, and I am eager and looking forward to working with you all as we journey together through knowledge and wealth. After all, one thing is for sure, we will progress together and make it to Heaven together, because that is all that I am about, and that is what my motivation for life is!

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